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The two ways of life (Part 2)

January 8-2017 


First Navajo Baptist Church                                              

PO Box 308 

Crownpoint NM, 87313


George Jim – Pastor 

Matthew Holtsoi- Associate Pastor 




                                                      The two ways of life 

                                                                   Part 2: 

                                                      The way of Destruction 


Matt 7:13


This way is a broad way. It is a way that satisfies the fleshly body and the carnal mind. On this path there is plenty of room for all to enjoy the pleasures of sin. On this road you will find pleasure, not in God but in Satan's paradise. 



  1. On this path the devil himself paves the way. As we just read it is a wide road, it is wide enough for: 


                    a. Drunken              d. Scoffer            g. Religionists 

                    b. Dishonest           e. The proud 

                    c. Unclean               f. Self- righteous 



Revelation 21:8 All of the things that I read off they are all not found in the book of life  

Revelation 20:15 


  1. This way is crowded. Many Navajos go on this path for two good reasons: 


          > It is a easy path 

          > it is a down hill path all the way 


A lot of teens, kids, adults are all being pushed along with the crowd. 



  1. All the people on this path are all without God and have no hope. All of these people are all aliens to God why? Ephesians 2:12 they all don't know Christ as their savior. This way is a fatal way. The only way that this path leads to is a place of destruction – Matthew 12:30. The place that this road leads to is eternal suffering. 


  1. There is no other way in the world by which people can try to safe them selfs from this way – John 14:6. Without being born again through faith and believing in Christ. Other than that it will lead to everlasting destruction. There is no u turn John 3:7 


  1. The only way that you can get that U turn back to Christ is by doing this: 


Roman 10: 9, Roman 10: 13 


You must believe and accept Jesus Christ why – John 14:6 He is the only way to get the U turn in the road and be on the road to everlasting life. II Corinthians 6:2. Accept him today. 

How can God use the most sinful person?

First Navajo Baptist Church 

Po Box 308 

HWY 371 MM 25

Crownpoint NM, 87313 


George Jim- Pastor 

Matthew Holtsoi – Associate Pastor 




                                                        How can God use the most sinful person?


Today many people ask the question how can God use the most sinful person? To tell you how the truth he can use a person in many ways. Here are a few examples: 


I. He used Moses to lead the people out of Egypt to the promise land, Moses make the slavery free from the hands 

Egypt. 2.5 Mil Jews free to their lands.



Exodus 3:4


God the Father used a man named Moses who was only a sheep herder who watered his father in laws sheep and just herded them through the pastures, God the father used him to lead 4.5 million people out of Egypt. One thing that you should notice that one thing that Moses says is "Here Am I". 


When Moses said that he is telling the lord that he is willing to do his work. 


II. Jesus calls a tax collectors to be his follower: 


Matthew 9:13 


Tax collectors were despised by their fellow Jews as sinners. Jesus however set a new precedent among the Jews by accepting and associating with the tax collectors. This example that Jesus is setting us some examples for us to follow: 


1.) He is willing to take you and accept you as you are 


2.) He is willing to use you in any way he feels fit 


Just like his disciples he was willing to use them to spread the gospel and to witness for him. We as Navajo's ought to do the same and ask the lord how do you want to use me for your ministry? Use me in any way you feel me fit to be at your service. 




G. Jim

What is the true meaning behind Christmas?

First Navajo baptist church     

Po box 308 

Crownpoint NM, 87313


George Jim- Pastor 

Matthew Holtsoi- Associate pastor 



           What is the true meaning behind Christmas? 


Intro- The Navajo people in today's society have been deceived about what Christmas is really about. They think that it is about gifts, a man named Santa, flying reindeer etc.  What Christmas is really about is about the coming of our Lord and Savior – Matthew 1:18-21,23. 


I.) What is the real reason? – The real reason of Christmas is to celebrate the coming of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. A man who is willing to come down from heaven and be put in a sinful world – Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6. 


II.) Why is Christmas a celebration? – The reason that we celebrate Christmas is because of two reasons, 


          # 1: Jesus Christ is going to come to earth to be our substitute and die for all of the people around the world and for the forgiveness of sins- John 3:16, Matthew 1:21. 


       # 2: He is a free gift that you cannot get anywhere else. Jesus Christ is the one and only free gift that you will ever get – Romans 6:23. Jesus Christ is a free gift that you can not exchange for any thing in this sinful world. 


You can't get anything that is free in this world. The only thing is that is free in a this world is Jesus Christ. Except him today and repent of your sins – II Corinthians 6:2. 


Please except the free gift of salvation today. Don't put it off another day. Because you might not get another day. 

Revival Sermon

First Navajo Baptist Church 

Po Box 308

Crownpoint NM, 87313


George Jim – Pastor 

Matthew Holtsoi – Associate Pastor 




                     What was Jesus's main reason 


                                      coming to earth


Introduction During The days of the prophet Isaiah it was prophesied that Jesus Christ was going to be born to man to be the savior of the world – Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 25:8-9. 


1.) He should shall called: Isaiah 9:6. The Bible verse is telling us that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is going to be born in Bethlehem and he should be called: 


    > Wonderful 

    > Counselor

    > The Almighty God

    > The everlasting Father

    > The prince of peace


I want to ask you parents one question: How would you like for your very own one and only child to be called one of these wonderful name. The reason everything in the new testament the four main prophets: Matthew Mark Luke and John, in all of their Bible verses they add the word everlasting in all their sentences. The reason why they mention the word everlasting is because Jesus's name is also known as the everlasting father. 


2.) Isaiah 25:9 this Bible verse is the main topic of our message this evening. Jesus Christ was sent to earth to save mankind he came to find the lost sinners luke 9:10. Jesus Christ came to find people that are lost in the world. Man cannot save himself but the only way that people can get saved is through Jesus Christ – John 14:6. 


3.) Jesus loves people all around the world, John 3:16-17. Jesus Christ came to seek and find, Luke 19:10. Man cannot save himself only Jesus can save man, Matthew 19:25-26. 


In conclusion if there is somebody in the audience who has not received the Lord is your Savior come forward and except the Lord as your Savior. There is no other way to heaven except through Jesus Christ- John 14:6. God loves you. 



First Navajo Baptist church

Po Box 308 

Crownpoint NM 87313 



        By : Pastor M. Holtsoi

             Associate Pastor 



Intro: In verse 17, the bible is telling us that when we go to church, everything is ready:


  • The floor is mopped
  • The heater is on the room isn't cold
  • The door is unlocked ect 


We shouldn't come church grumpy and mad, Philippians 2:14 


I.) In the Bible the people have made several excuses here in the Bible. The first one was:


A.) Land ( his property) 


vv 18, it says "I must needs to go see it:". 


The key words in this bible verse are: 


Must ,Needs and see it. 


People complain about land everyday. 


II.) The second excuse is his animals: 

b.) vv 19: it says: "I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them.  


III.) The third and finial excuse was: 


c.) His wife, vv 20: "I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come." He could have brought his wife. 


The reason we have empty pues in the church this morning is because the people are too worried about their belongings. 


They are afraid that something might happen to them. But the answer on how to fill in the empty pues here are in the next two bible verses: vv 21 & vv 23. 


IV.) We need to bring  in people into the church and fill in the empty pues. We need to bring in our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors any one we can find. In this bible verse he is telling his servant bring in: 


> The blind 


> The criple 


> The poor  


He says bring in any body you want too. We need to bring people into church. We need to fill the church. 


V.) Luke 14:35. The bible is telling us let people who have never heard the gospel let them hear it, James 1:22


Let's bring in people to hear the gospel. Let's fill in the empty pues. Let someone get saved. Let them hear the truth and let's not give excuses.