First Navajo Baptist church

Po Box 308 

Crownpoint NM 87313 



        By : Pastor M. Holtsoi

             Associate Pastor 



Intro: In verse 17, the bible is telling us that when we go to church, everything is ready:


  • The floor is mopped
  • The heater is on the room isn't cold
  • The door is unlocked ect 


We shouldn't come church grumpy and mad, Philippians 2:14 


I.) In the Bible the people have made several excuses here in the Bible. The first one was:


A.) Land ( his property) 


vv 18, it says "I must needs to go see it:". 


The key words in this bible verse are: 


Must ,Needs and see it. 


People complain about land everyday. 


II.) The second excuse is his animals: 

b.) vv 19: it says: "I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them.  


III.) The third and finial excuse was: 


c.) His wife, vv 20: "I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come." He could have brought his wife. 


The reason we have empty pues in the church this morning is because the people are too worried about their belongings. 


They are afraid that something might happen to them. But the answer on how to fill in the empty pues here are in the next two bible verses: vv 21 & vv 23. 


IV.) We need to bring  in people into the church and fill in the empty pues. We need to bring in our loved ones, our friends, our neighbors any one we can find. In this bible verse he is telling his servant bring in: 


> The blind 


> The criple 


> The poor  


He says bring in any body you want too. We need to bring people into church. We need to fill the church. 


V.) Luke 14:35. The bible is telling us let people who have never heard the gospel let them hear it, James 1:22


Let's bring in people to hear the gospel. Let's fill in the empty pues. Let someone get saved. Let them hear the truth and let's not give excuses.