How can God use the most sinful person?

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                                                        How can God use the most sinful person?


Today many people ask the question how can God use the most sinful person? To tell you how the truth he can use a person in many ways. Here are a few examples: 


I. He used Moses to lead the people out of Egypt to the promise land, Moses make the slavery free from the hands 

Egypt. 2.5 Mil Jews free to their lands.



Exodus 3:4


God the Father used a man named Moses who was only a sheep herder who watered his father in laws sheep and just herded them through the pastures, God the father used him to lead 4.5 million people out of Egypt. One thing that you should notice that one thing that Moses says is "Here Am I". 


When Moses said that he is telling the lord that he is willing to do his work. 


II. Jesus calls a tax collectors to be his follower: 


Matthew 9:13 


Tax collectors were despised by their fellow Jews as sinners. Jesus however set a new precedent among the Jews by accepting and associating with the tax collectors. This example that Jesus is setting us some examples for us to follow: 


1.) He is willing to take you and accept you as you are 


2.) He is willing to use you in any way he feels fit 


Just like his disciples he was willing to use them to spread the gospel and to witness for him. We as Navajo's ought to do the same and ask the lord how do you want to use me for your ministry? Use me in any way you feel me fit to be at your service. 




G. Jim