The two ways of life (Part 2)

January 8-2017 


First Navajo Baptist Church                                              

PO Box 308 

Crownpoint NM, 87313


George Jim – Pastor 

Matthew Holtsoi- Associate Pastor 




                                                      The two ways of life 

                                                                   Part 2: 

                                                      The way of Destruction 


Matt 7:13


This way is a broad way. It is a way that satisfies the fleshly body and the carnal mind. On this path there is plenty of room for all to enjoy the pleasures of sin. On this road you will find pleasure, not in God but in Satan's paradise. 



  1. On this path the devil himself paves the way. As we just read it is a wide road, it is wide enough for: 


                    a. Drunken              d. Scoffer            g. Religionists 

                    b. Dishonest           e. The proud 

                    c. Unclean               f. Self- righteous 



Revelation 21:8 All of the things that I read off they are all not found in the book of life  

Revelation 20:15 


  1. This way is crowded. Many Navajos go on this path for two good reasons: 


          > It is a easy path 

          > it is a down hill path all the way 


A lot of teens, kids, adults are all being pushed along with the crowd. 



  1. All the people on this path are all without God and have no hope. All of these people are all aliens to God why? Ephesians 2:12 they all don't know Christ as their savior. This way is a fatal way. The only way that this path leads to is a place of destruction – Matthew 12:30. The place that this road leads to is eternal suffering. 


  1. There is no other way in the world by which people can try to safe them selfs from this way – John 14:6. Without being born again through faith and believing in Christ. Other than that it will lead to everlasting destruction. There is no u turn John 3:7 


  1. The only way that you can get that U turn back to Christ is by doing this: 


Roman 10: 9, Roman 10: 13 


You must believe and accept Jesus Christ why – John 14:6 He is the only way to get the U turn in the road and be on the road to everlasting life. II Corinthians 6:2. Accept him today.