What is the true meaning behind Christmas?

First Navajo baptist church     

Po box 308 

Crownpoint NM, 87313


George Jim- Pastor 

Matthew Holtsoi- Associate pastor 



           What is the true meaning behind Christmas? 


Intro- The Navajo people in today's society have been deceived about what Christmas is really about. They think that it is about gifts, a man named Santa, flying reindeer etc.  What Christmas is really about is about the coming of our Lord and Savior – Matthew 1:18-21,23. 


I.) What is the real reason? – The real reason of Christmas is to celebrate the coming of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. A man who is willing to come down from heaven and be put in a sinful world – Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:6. 


II.) Why is Christmas a celebration? – The reason that we celebrate Christmas is because of two reasons, 


          # 1: Jesus Christ is going to come to earth to be our substitute and die for all of the people around the world and for the forgiveness of sins- John 3:16, Matthew 1:21. 


       # 2: He is a free gift that you cannot get anywhere else. Jesus Christ is the one and only free gift that you will ever get – Romans 6:23. Jesus Christ is a free gift that you can not exchange for any thing in this sinful world. 


You can't get anything that is free in this world. The only thing is that is free in a this world is Jesus Christ. Except him today and repent of your sins – II Corinthians 6:2. 


Please except the free gift of salvation today. Don't put it off another day. Because you might not get another day.